„Lesen in der Hochschule“: Neue Projektpublikation erschienen

Ausgehend vom 2020/21 durchgeführten gemeinsamen Projekt „Digitale Texte und digitales Lesen in der Hochschullehre“ einiger Netzwerkmitglieder ist folgende Publikation erschienen:

Kuhn, Axel; Schneider, Ute; Schwabe, Annika (2021): Digital reading and gender inequality in higher education. In: Higher Education Research & Development. DOI: 10.1080/07294360.2021.2019201


»Digital text has become the dominant medium for participation in higher education. Yet little is known about the consequences from the shift to digital text usage on the academic reading practices of specific groups of students. Using a unique data set of higher education students, we analyse differences in digital reading skills, practices, perception, and experience for female students and male students. Then we explain these differences by social inequality related to gendered reading practices and artifacts and reveal that the digitisation of academic reading is reproducing gender inequality in higher education.«

Wer den Artikel lesen möchte, es sind auch ohne Open Access 50 freie Downloads verfügbar.